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Farmers 100

Posted By: James Crawford
Location: Jefferson City Missouri
Photographer: James Crawford
Boat: Old Town Discovery 169

We were supposed to run the MR340, but the heavy storms delayed that for a month. We decided that if we jumped ahead from KC to Jefferson City, we could stay ahead of the flooding, and have 100 miles on the Missouri River. My brother and I, although he living in FL, and I in MO, had never paddled the Missouri together, we always paddled a couple of trips annually. 100 miles down the swollen MO River, with buoys underwater, no wing dykes visible, and all of the usual (at least I am told) antics of the river, in 16 hours from put in to pull out. We decided not to be on the river at night due to debris and so stayed in Hermann overnight. The Discovery did everything exactly as I have come to expect (she's over 12 years old now), from when I use on the much smaller rivers in my area, Gasconade, Osage, and Niangua. Thanks for making such a great boat.


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