Owner's Manual

Old Town Owner's Manual | Download PDF
Manufacturer's Statement of Origin to a Boat | Download PDF   

Warranty Information

Lifetime Warranty Overview | Download PDF 
Lifetime Warranty Detailed Overview | Download PDF   

Installation Instructions

Kayak Anchor Installation Instructions | Download PDF
Kayak Paddle Holder Installation Instructions | Download PDF
Basic Rudder Installation Instructions | Download PDF
Castine Rudder Instructions (Before 2000) | Download PDF
Loon 160T Rudder (Before 2000) | Download PDF
Loon 160T Rudder (After 2000) | Download PDF
Kevlar Skid Plate Kit | Download PDF
Poly/RX Repair Kit | Download PDF
Partite 7310 Adhesive Instructions | Download PDF
ACS Seat Replacement Kit | Download PDF
Vapor 10 Hatch Cover Kit | Download PDF
Vapor 12 Hatch Cover Kit | Download PDF
Kayak Footbrace Kit | Download PDF
Old Town Drain Plug Kit | Download PDF
Saranac Seatback Kit | Download PDF
Canoe Anchor Installation Instructions | Download PDF 
Rudder Attachment Instructions 2013 | Download PDF

How To Guides

Cleaning Sticky Royalex | Download PDF
Replacing The Cane In A Cane Seat | Download PDF
Replacing Gunwales (Rails) | Download PDF
Refinishing | Download PDF
Recanvasing | Download PDF
How To Recanvas A Sponson Canoe | Download PDF
Rebuilding The Wood Canvas Canoe | Download PDF

Product Guide Archive

2014 Product Guide | View Online
2013 Product Guide | Download 6 mb PDF
2012 Product Guide | Download 4.7 mb PDF
2011 Product Guide | Download 5.9 mb PDF
2010 Product Guide | Download 9.2 mb PDF

2009 Product Guide | Download 10.7 mb PDF
2008 Product Guide | Download 7.4 mb PDF
2007 Product Guide | Download 6.5 mb PDF 


Product Guide

2016 Old Town Catalog | View Online 

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Allagash Canoe Trip, May 2014
daveconleyFriends Jim, David and Jim take an eight day, 80 mile canoe trip on the Allagash. Beginning on Eagle Lake and ending in Allagash Village. Caught Brook Trout, view the abandoned logging trains in…