Canoe Rescue Methods

The Canoe over Canoe Rescue

In this episode of Canoeing TV, Andrew Westwood explains the canoe over canoe rescue.


The Shake Out Rescue

A cool technique for one person to empty a swamped canoe from the water.


The Capistrano Flip

The Capistrano Flip is a more advanced rescue that you can do without the help of another boat to flip upright and empty a swamped canoe from the water. Andrew Westwood demonstrates and explains how to do it in this episode of Canoeing TV. For more information on the Capistrano Flip in click here.




Big Lake Whetstone Creek Conservation Area
kpillatschNice 25 acre lake ideal for kayak fishing in Mid Missouri just off of I-70 between Columbia and St. Louis. Didn't get any big ones that day but that is why they calling it fishing not catching. A few…