Dirigo 106

The time-tested Dirigo 106 is beloved for its friendly, easy-to-paddle nature. A roomy cockpit and excellent initial stability make this a perfect choice for almost anyone. Easy grip thigh pads help make the Dirigo 106 efficient and easy to control and maneuver on the water. Equipped with a comfortable seat and a stern Click Seal Hatch with bulkhead, the durable Dirigo 106 is all you need to get started in the sport of kayaking.
Dirigo 106 Sunrise Top Main
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Dirigo 106 Sunrise Side Zoom


Material:Three Layer Polyethylene
Length:10' 6" / 3.2 m
Width:27.75" / 70.5 cm
Cockpit:18.5" x 38" / 46.9 x 96.5 cm
Deck Height:14" / 35.6 cm
Weight:42 lbs / 19 kg
Max Load Range:250-300 lbs / 113.4-136.1 kg
Suggested Retail:$729.99 USD


Glide Track Foot Brace System

 Contoured foot brace system designed to fit your foot comfortably. With an intuitive easy-to-reach adjustment system and position indicators it is easy to get the foot braces set to the same comfortable length on both sides. 

Glide Track Foot Brace System

Click Seal Hatch

 This easy to open cam lock hatch is designed to lock securely with one simple click. Once it’s locked the durable inner rubber gasket provides an amazing seal which will help keep your gear safe, secure and dry. Note, it’s always recommended using a dry bag for hatch storage. The Click Seal Hatch is water resistant but not 100% waterproof.  

Click Seal Hatch


Glove Box Hatch

Keeps cell phone, keys and other small items within easy reach while paddling. 


Dirigo Glove Box Hatch

Stabil-form™ Hull Design

The full hull outline at the waterline provides the paddler with greater stability for a given width.



Long Pond, St. Regis Canoe Area, ADK
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