Heron Angler Family

Heron Angler Series

A compact, sporty design, the Heron Angler series is an easy-to-paddle kayak that can maneuver perfectly into your favorite fishing spot. A great choice for casual anglers who are seeking an affordable, lightweight kayak for fishing and cruising in calm waters.

Heron 9 Angler

Length: 9' 6" | 2.9 m
Width: 28.5" | 72.4 cm
Weight: 39 lbs | 17.7 kg
MSRP: $479.99 USD
Heron 9 Angler Series

Twin Heron Angler

Length: 13' 6" | 4.1 m
Width: 31.5" | 80 cm
Weight: 62 lbs | 28.1 kg
MSRP: $849.99 USD
Heron Twin Angler Series


Lake Louise
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