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Holy Man Adventures in MinnesotaHoly Man Adventures is a group of close friends who have traveled the world, climbed its mountains and surfed its seas. This time they’ve fused their passions into one raucous paddle down the Mississippi River. We – Mark, Jeff, Jon, Ben, and Dave – have been planning this trip for four years. Now, propelled by a beautiful Old Town Penobscot 17 RX named “Rachel” (as well as a classic Old Town canoe), we are excited to share our two-month journey through blog updates and photos.

Holy Man Adventures at the GulfOur crew is dedicated to inspiring exploration of and healthy connection to America’s waterways – for individuals, corporations, and public entities – through pictures and print. Commissioned by the EPA and Below the Surface, our Mississippi photo-bloggers are documenting their 2,300+-mile journey as part of the "Riverview" project, which will create the equivalent of Google Steetview for the nation's largest waterways. For a better understanding of their work, check out the following article: 2012/ 02/13/a-street-view-for-rivers/#more-132439

Holy Man Adventures in Minnesota in Venice, LAIn short, Holy Man Adventures wants to connect people to their natural resources and to marinate ourselves in a full summer of Big Muddy bliss. 

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  • Holy Man Adventures 54x54
    Holy Man Adventures
    Mark, Jeff, Jon, Ben, and Dave share their two-month journey through blog posts and photos.
  • Ken Whiting 54x54
    Ken Whiting
    Ken Whiting is one of the most influential and respected paddlers in the world, and was recognized as such by Paddler Magazine as one of their 'Paddlers of the Century.'
  • Old Town 54x54
    Old Town
    The Old Town bloggers are comprised of experts in their respective fields at the company.
  • Denny Lange 54x54
    Denny Lange
    Denny Lange is an avid canoeist and kayaker who started paddling early in childhood.
  • Benson Gray 54x54
    Benson Gray
    Benson Gray grew up in Old Town and has always loved old canoes. His work with computers, along with an interest in the history of canoe builders, has led to some interesting collaborations.




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