Rogue River 154

The Rogue River 154 delivers versatility and affordability in one smartly designed canoe. It sports a square stern hull giving you the option to mount a motor when you need to. In addition, the boat features two comfortable contoured seats, molded-in cup holders, a storage hatch and a third center bench seat that doubles as a cooler. With a rugged polyethylene hull, this boat is designed to last.
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Material:Thermoformed Polyethylene
Length:15' 4.5" / 4.7 m
Width:44" / 112.7 cm
Width at 4" Waterline:37" / 94 cm
Bow Height:20.5" / 52.1 cm
Depth:15.8" / 40 cm
Weight:118 lbs / 53.5 kg
Max Capacity:850 lbs / 385.5 kg
Suggested Retail:$899.99 USD

Hull Characteristics


  • Comfortable contoured bow and stern seats
  • Center bench seat with insulated cooler and water resistant day hatch
  • Molded in storage tray
  • Comfortable carrying handles
  • Cup holders
  • Square stern accommodates up to 4 H.P. motor
Shallow Arch Bottom Flared Sides Icon
Shallow Arch Bottom

Shallow arch bottom canoes have less initial stability than flat bottom canoes, but tend to have higher secondary stability. As the canoe is leaned to one side, it will balance better and resist further tipping. Shallow arch canoes are a great all-around canoe but tend to perform best in choppy water, waves and whitewater.

Shallow Arch Bottom Flared Sides Icon
Slightly Flared Sides

When the canoe sides flare out above the waterline the canoe will resist tipping and the flared out sides deflect water for a drier more stable ride. While this design does require a slightly further reach when using your paddle over the side, the added stability may be worth it.

Minimum Rocker Icon
Minimum Rocker

Look at a canoe from a side view. If the canoe hull is completely sitting on a hard surface without either end bowed up, it means it has minimum rocker. Canoes with little or no rocker track extremely well but they are much harder to turn or maneuver.



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